NSF Audit Score Improved Again

Posted on Sep 18, 2013

On September 16 we received our third annual audit by NSF International.  For the third time we passed and we again improved our score from the previous year.  The audit reported no major non-conformances and just a few minor ones that we can learn from and improve upon.  The strong results help validate our continuous improvement culture and excellent quality and sanitation systems.  Here’s an overview of NSF International:

Manufacturers, regulators and consumers look to NSF International for the development of public health standards and certification programs that help protect the world’s food, water, consumer products and environment. Founded in 1944, our mission is to protect and improve global human health. As an independent, accredited organization, we develop standards, and test and certify products and systems.

We look forward to further improving our systems and processes and to next year’s audit.

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