Lean and Problem Solving Event

Posted on Sep 19, 2016

PPC hosts several lean and problem solving events per year focused on continuously improving our manufacturing processes. These efforts seek value for our customers and have allowed us to maximize productivity on the production floor by cutting out wasteful steps throughout our processes.

Our recent lean and problem solving event focused on IF1 and was attended by the three crews who operate the machine along with supervisors and site management. The objective was to discuss and provide action steps on four main areas in order to increase operating efficiency (OEE) and to decrease waste. The four main areas include:

  • Recipes
  • Tissue jams under buckets
  • Wrap arounds
  • Changeover responsibilities

Each area of focus listed primary questions for the team to examine root causes, determine effective solutions, and assign action steps for implementation. This quarter’s event was a great success as the team was able to streamline our processes.

To learn more about lean manufacturing, click here.

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