Over 1,600 Days With No LTA

Posted on Oct 3, 2017

Precision Paper Converters is proud to share that we have reached over 1,600 days with no lost time accidents.

In speaking with Jeff Maronek, our Safety and Quality Coordinator, we learned how we’ve been able to operate with no lost time accidents and it all starts with training. When a new employee is hired they review PPC’s Safety Policy along with training on First Aid Equipment, Personal Protection Equipment, Hazard Communication, Blood Borne Pathogens, Lockout/Tag Out, Emergency Action Plan, and Proper Lifting Techniques.

Another major factor in reaching this accomplishment is our Accident and Injury Reduction Program which was implemented in 2012. Part of the program is monthly inspections which include: Housekeeping, Fire Protection, Machinery, Equipment, Ladders, and Personal Protection Equipment. In addition to the monthly inspections are monthly safety meetings, each highlighting a different safety topic. For example, this month we will be covering Safety, Housekeeping, and Accident Prevention. In our monthly safety meetings the employees are given an opportunity to voice any safety concerns or ideas for improvement, which allows them to become involved directly with the safety program as they are a vital component.

All of our measures are put into place to ensure our employees are able to operate safely. We are proud that we are currently at 1,602 days with no lost time accidents, which greatly surpasses our previous record of 342 days!

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